David E Hargroder M.D. MGB Surgery Seminars

Obesity is Not a Character Flaw Seminars

“If you would just eat less and exercise more, you wouldn’t have this problem.”

They mean well when they say it… but they assume that obesity is a product of laziness, overindulgence or lack of will power. What they – and the rest of the world – don’t yet realize is that there are other factors that you have little to no control over – working against your willpower to lose weight. Join the team of surgeon and author, Dr. David Hargroder, as they explain:

  • Why you’re different
  • Why society has it wrong
  • Why dieting doesn’t stick
  • Why some permanent solutions work and others don’t

Dr. Hargroder is leading the fight to educate the medical community AND the world about the truth – Obesity is NOT a Character Flaw!

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